Vision Statement

Kyrene de las Brisas is committed to building a culture of excellence that provides the best learning experience for children. We have a proud tradition of being an Excelling School and meeting the needs of our diverse student body. Central to our success is our community spirit. We share a common Vision, engendered by our staff, to inspire students to love learning, empower them to reach their potential, and nurture them in a culture of PEACE (Pride, Effort, Achievement, Character, and Excellence).

Mission Statement

We believe in educating the whole child and take seriously our charge to give students the tools they need for success in the 21st century. To this end, we are committed to our Missionto do what’s best for kids to ensure their success. This Mission keeps us grounded and focusing on what matters most yet allowing us the flexibility to respond to students’ needs and adapting to changes that impact education. We collaborate with all stakeholders in building relationships, defining goals, facing challenges, and planning for the future. We are busy building a successful tomorrow...one child at a time!